Terms and Conditions

Prior to interacting with the Lady Ape Club website, please review its Terms and Conditions. Users ("You," "They") are responsible for reading all of TNC Art's ("We," "Our") terms and conditions and agreeing to them. Buyers and sellers alike must acknowledge that they have read and agreed to all of our terms and conditions.


You attest to having sufficient knowledge, experience, and understanding of NFTs based on your own research and consultation with relevant professionals before investing in NFTs, including Lady Ape Club.

You understand and accept any risks associated with your cryptocurrency address, the blockchain, the NFT, and related transactions.

You acknowledge and agree to enter the website at your own risk. Digital assets are not backed by any entity and you do not have complete control over your assets.

Understanding all of the risks explicitly or implicitly mentioned, You agree to use the website and thus take full responsibility under Your knowledge.


Lady Ape Club is a collection of digital artworks by TNC Art that runs on the Stream Chain on AngryMonky and the Ethereum Network on OpenSea. NFTs (Non-Fungible Coins) are backed by powerful cryptography on the blockchain. Non-fungible coins, by definition, can not be replaced, copied, or subdivided by other entities using the same machine or technology.


Once You have bought a Lady Ape Club NFT, you hold full ownership of the asset. Ownership of Your Lady Ape Club NFTs is mediated by the Stream Chain and Ethereum smart contracts. As a result, once owned, we at TNC Art cannot modify the ownership of any Lady Ape.


TNC Art grants you an international, royalty-free license to use, duplicate, and display the NFTs for personal use. You can use your owned NFTs as part of a marketplace that permits the purchase and sale of your LAC, as long as the marketplace undergoes a cryptographic verification of each Lady Ape owner's rights to display the NFT of their Lady Ape and ensure that only the owner can display the NFT. Additionally, You can use Your owned Lady Ape as part of a third-party website or application that permits the participation of Your Lady Ape, as long as the website or application undergoes a cryptographic verification to ensure that only the owner can display the NFT and that it will be removed from the website/application once the owner ceases involvement with them.


TNC Art grants you an international, unlimited license to use, duplicate, and display Your Lady Ape NFTs for commercial purposes. You can use your Lady Apes to create derivative works based upon the art and to produce and sell merchandise products based on displaying copies of the art. Moreover, You can own or operate a marketplace that permits the use and sale of Lady Apes; You can also own or operate a third-party website/application that permits the participation of Your Lady Ape.

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